The ViA GIRO is a modern revolutionary payment solution dating from 1925 - a new modern payment solution . . ., in a better way!

ViA GIRO will work beyond country-borders and more importantly, it will work for everyone, including the unbankables.

ViA Giro instand payments between companies

ViA GIRO has its own website. ViA GIRO will tell you much more about the history of the Swedish Postgiro and its very unique history.

ViA GIRO has now got its own website ViA GIRO where you can read much more about the history of the Swedish Postgiro and its very uniqe history.

POSTGIRO already 1925

If you thought that a lot of progress has been made when it comes to new payment systems during the late 20th or the early 21st century, the following may surprise you.. In 1925, long before any other country in the world, the Swedish Parliament mandated the Swedish Post Authority to start a new payment solution whose mission was to make payments easier and faster resulting in less cash being sent by post.

By 1970 every 6th person in Sweden had a Postgiro account and Postgiro was also the primary means of collecting taxes.

In 2002 the nearly 50 year success came to an historical change when the post monopoly was decided to be opened for competition.

in the same year Postgiro was granted bank licensee status and become part of Nordea Bank at which time the name was officially changed to PlusGirot.

Postgiro Centralen and bankGoro centralen was their public names in Sweden at that time.


Postgiro 1924 Sweden Stockholm