Vision & Mission

The ViA Model has a bold statement made by global doers; ONE FREE WORLD - ONE FREE CARD which means that you can use your values anywhere in the world and it is free.

Thailand Flag with Face and Viacard

Free dose not me en that things are totally free, it means that the basic service to poses, to have a ViAcard and a ViAaccount is for the general consumer FREE, no monthly fees no quarterly fees no annual fees as long as the user uses his or her card on a frequent basis.

Such ambitions and such mission, as seeds, needs the proper soil to grow, and here is where Thailand comes in to the picture of making the ViA Card and the ViA Model to a global success:

Thailand Flag with Face and Viacard Thailand is truly the springboard for a success in the Asian region. Thailand has now by the bigger banks reached as much as 120,000 merchant locations each nationwide. Sounds like a lot, but likely only representing 7% market penetration or 34% of what we may would describe as mature and bankable merchants. The total of merchants which could have card acceptance as a payment method, in Thailand is today 2014 more than 1,600,000 merchants.

Here is the mission and vision presented in a slide presentation.

Bigger than Visa?

Fact is that Visa as a card-brand today only serve consumers in the top 20% of global consumer. Likely even less if we re-define the consumers age group from traditional 15-65 to 4-95 year as modern users of handling values and transactions. ViA consumer pyramid
The consumer pyramid, or as we call it, the ViA consumer pyramid, which was developed by Lars Olof Kanngard, the innovator behind the creation of the ViA Model, demonstrate that bankable consumers, still today 2014 count for as less than 20% of all global consumers. This is demonstrated in the pyramid as the yellow top.

Since all the existing card-brands, today, share the top of the pyramid, (20%) and the unbanked represented by the green middle of the pyramid (60%), you could easely see that if 3 new Visa sized companies, was started, they could share the green segment. So by understanding the unbanked market opertunity the ViA Card and the ViA Model has large markets to target.

ViA Vision & Mission

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