ViA Card Issuer

2005 Payment Solution Co Ltd was staring its business as a full-fledget professional card issuer of Pre-Paid Cash card under the OK Capital organization. Payment Solution came 2011 to change the name to ViA Card (Thailand) Co Ltd. During the initial years of operation Payment Solution came to launch manu card-programs both as Visa co-branded cards as well as Master Card co-branded cards. Hear to the right you can see some of the sampels.

The Core System

  • We use the payment processing system of WAY4 – the licensed software system of the OpenWay Group
  • Proven track records with more than 90 banks and processing companies in Europe, North America, Middle East and Asia
  • A new-generation payment processing framework with a unique architecture with unlimited hierarchies and extremely flexible
  • WAY4 can simultaneously run pre-paid cards and credit cards, manage corporate products, and launch loyalty solutions
  • A single WAY4 installation can run multiple businesses in different geographical areas, making it easy for organizations to meet cross-border and cross-industry demands

Security Standard of Visa / MasterCard

  • OpenWay is a member of Visa Global Vendor Program, MasterCard Global Vendor Team, MasterCard’s OneSMART Club, Oracle Certified Partner, NCR’s Self-Service Switch Partner, and Diebold’s PIX
  • The System will be updated in a timely fashion to ensure compliance with any newly introduced security standards required by Visa and MasterCard
  • The WAY4 – Amex Interface complements WAY4 Issuing and WAY4 Acquiring modules with functionality mandated by the Amex payment scheme

WAY4 Card Issuing Functionality

The WAY4™ Issuing module includes the whole variety of functionality for issuing any type of cards :


  • Application Management
  • Customer Service
  • Corporate/Family Structures
  • Statements and Billing
  • Authorisations
  • Interest, Charges and Fees
  • Transaction Management
  • Risk Management
  • Clearing and Settlement


  • General Ledger Interface
  • Delinquency Management
  • Help Text
  • Collections Management
  • PIN Management
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Random/Sequential PAN
  • Dispute Management
  • Embossing and PIN Mailers
  • Chip Card, EMV

WAY4 Acquiring Functionality

The WAY4™ Acquiring features include:


  • Unrestricted Organizational Structure
  • Flexible Merchants Settlement Schemes
  • Multiple Merchants Discounts with Individual Tailoring
  • Variable Discount Rate Tables, Flexible Pricing
  • Multiple Settlement Accounts
  • Multiple Currencies and Dynamic Currency Conversion
  • Dispute Management
  • Authorisations


  • Transaction Management
  • Risk/Fraud Management
  • Clearing and Settlement
  • General Ledger Interface
  • Chip Card, EMV
  • Prepaid, Utility Payment
  • Revenue, expense, FX accounting - by merchant, by merchant agreement type