ViA Care

ViACare in a better way

ViA Care is likely, in the opinion of the founder to the ViA Model the most important part of a future success, because ViA do care and the ViA Model is built in such manner that as the ViA community of users expands, also the resources to make a difference to peoples life will increase exponential, resulting in that we care for each other in a better way.

ViA Care will become the central name and the future organizer for charity evens and involvements in to corporate social responsibility.

ViA Care will also utilize the new innovations launched by ViA in its projects so that instant reporting, instant logistics and fairness can be adopted to projects where extra care is needed - ViA Care.

ViA Elementary School No 1 - Budgahya, India

The website is now launched for the ViA Elementary School No 1 - Budgahya, Bihar, India

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