ViA Card

Welcome to the ViA Card official website. ViA Card 10 year

ViA Card® is a new global card brand for the people, all consumers, unbanked or bankable consumer from 5 years and up to 105 year of age. ViA Card finally brings a free, safe and fair payment solution, to global consumers, all the consumers, without boarders. ViA Card cut's away expensive middle-man.

Merchants, Shop keepers, SME's (Small Medium Enterprices), the small Corporations, the family business, the small factory and the Government or Institutions will find that the ViA Model gives an ALL IN ONE solution... in a better way!

ViA Card creates new revenues, building loyality and give the business a more important role to play in the society. The ViA Model returns values to its consumer and customers.


ViA in short...

The ViA Model has been spearheading new payment initiatives from 1995 and recognized in 2005 as a base for a Payment revulotion. The ViA Model stand for; new thinking, a business and financial model innovation, serving the vast majority of consumers in the world, with main focus on unbanked consumers.


ViA - a brand for the people. ViA Card - a card for the a better way!