ViA Card

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ViA Card® is a new global card brand for the people, all consumers, unbanked or bankable consumer from 5 years and up which final brings a free, safe and fair payment solution without boarders. ViA Card cut's away expensive middle-man.

Merchants, Shop keepers, SME Small Medium Enterprices, the small Corporations, the family business, the small factory and the Government or Institutions will find that ViA gives an ALL IN ONE solution and a partner.
ViA Card create new revenues, building loyality and given the business a more important role to play and returns values to its consumer and customers.


Shortly About ViA

ViA Prepaid cash Card - Card for people. Payment reevaluation a new thinking for the vast majority of consumers in the world from 5 year and up, instant settlement and instant rewards and benefit.


ViA - a brand for the people. ViA Card - a card for the people.