ViACard Corporate Background

The ViA Concept and the ViA Model came to be innovated and toke the form of its first legal company back in 2004/2005 in Dubai, UAE (United Arab Emirates) by its Swedish founder Lars Olof Kanngard.

The first operational ViA company was started in Dubai as ViA Emirates LLC, in 2005.

Between 1998 up to 2005 the day-to-day work and pre-investments and planning was made in McGordons LLC, Dubai.

In 2010 the founder and the ViA team identified an opportunity to acquire a card issuer and processing company in Thailand, with all the needed licenses directly from BOT the Bank of Thailand, essential to stand on, to be able to reach out to the targeted market. The ambitions ware, at that time, to firstly get the Thailand market started and expanded and later the region and the world.

The early vision and mission with the ViA Card is as a Smart Chip based Pre-Paid-Cash Card but so much more than 'just' a card to use for payments and transactions.
The ViA Card will be the first of its kind as a Pre-Paid-Cash Card and opens a new dimension for underserved users in the society.

ViA Card is beyond a traditional card-brand also the corporate name for the operation in Thailand: ViA Card (Thailand) Co Ltd as well as a registered trade/service mark, which you can read more about.

ViA Card and the ViA Model serves all peoples interest, from consumers, merchants, small family corporations, SME's, distributors, suppliers and last but not least important also governments, here you can read more.

Corporate Background - factsheet

ViA Card (Thailand) Co Ltd is next year celebrating 10 year, which means that the company was established back in 2005, as Payment Solution Co Ltd.
  • Incorporated on 18 January 2005, as “Payment Solution Company Limited” a wholly owned subsidiary of Capital O.K. Co., Ltd. which was a joint venture
  • between Shin Corporation pcl (60%) and DBS (40%), with registered capital of Baht 200 million.
  • Obtained business license from the Ministry of Finance in June 2005 to engage in the business of electronic payment services.
  • Launched “O.K. Cash” pre-paid cards in September 2005.
  • During the period of June-September 2005, increased registered capital to Baht 550 million.
  • Capital O.K. Co., Ltd. sold all of its shares in Payment Solution to Shin Corporation plc. On 19 November 2007.
  • During the period of March – April 2008, increased registered capital to Baht 627 million.
  • On 24 April 2008, Shin Corporation plc sold all of its shares in Payment Solution to August Holding Co., Ltd.
  • Renamed as Payment Solution 2008 Co., Ltd. on 19 June 2008
  • Was acquired in 2010 by a group of investors managed later by ViA Global Holdings AG
  • ViA Card (Thailand) Co Ltd acqured 86% of the shares in Electronic Payment Network (Thailand) Co Ltd on 12 May 2011
  • Payment Solution 2008 Co Ltd came to be renamed to ViA Card (Thailand) Co Ltd on 23 of May 2011
  • ViA Card (Thailand) Co Ltd came to increase the sharecapital on 31 of May 2011 to _________
  • ViA Card (Thailand) Co Ltd moved its main office to Maneeya center, Chid Lom Bangkok on 12 May 2011
ViA Card (Thailand) Co Ltd has a majority owned subsidiary named Electronic Payment network (Thailand) Co Ltd also known as e-Pay also ePay. who operates one of the larger top-up networks with EDC terminals. ePay was granted an exclusive right to the ePay trademark, and the ePay software back in 2005 in exchange for shares to ePay Malaysia, you can read more on Read more about
  • Full license from the Ministry of Finance and The Bank of Thailand*
  • Issuance of payment cards, stored value cards (points or currencies)
  • Operate on-line payment system
  • Clearing and settlement
  • Network switching

Bank of Thailand link Payment Service Provider To view the Bank of Thailands list of payment providers in Thailand, you can find that here

Card Issuer for 10 Year

ViA Card (Thailand) Co Ltd, started as Payment Solution, celibrate 10 year in business 2015.

When OK Capital was started, the operation needed a card issuer within its family.........