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Welcome to the ViAcard official website, launched 2008 - 2021.

ViA Card Group 20 Year

ViAcard® is a new global card brand for the people, all consumers, unbanked or banked consumers from age 5 years and up to 105. ViAcard finally brings a free, safe and fair payment solution, to global consumers, all the consumers, without boarders. ViA Card cut's away expensive middle-man...

Merchants, Shop Keepers, Street Vendors and SME's (Small Medium Enterprices), the small Corporations, the family business, the small factory and the Government or Institutions will find that the ViA concept and solutions gives an ALL IN ONE solution... ViA a better way!

ViAcard creates new revenues, building loyalty and giving the small businesses, small merchants and family businesses a more important role to play in the modern e-society.

This is the ViA Groups web portal, aimed to for those who want to see what the future will offer for going towards a cashless society. Learn about unique innovations, which will pave the way towards 100% inclusion, rather than as it is today, 2021, that more than 60% of users and small businesses cannot accept digital payments.


The Swedish Tech-Duo has made it once more. Read more about ViA MiniPay and the future new standard for a secure OFFLINE Micro Payments and the new Offline Wallet, the VOW solution. The ViA MiniPay website gives a clear picture on how every small street vendor can become partof modern digital payment solutions towards a cashless society. VOW - ViA Offline Wallet.

WORLD NEWS - Tokenization without connectivity!

As always, the Swedish Tech-Duo are early with such solution and most ‘experts’ does not even know about the unknown facts that digital payments can be made without any connectivity or communication at all, at the spot when we do make a payment. Tokenization has until now been a ‘monopoly’ for large system integrators and huge back-end systems, until now. This world news is shared and based on the filed patent in June 2017, which will change the way we do the day-to-day payments in the future. CASHLESS - Chip2Chip.

Professional Doers with unique track-record - to your service!

If you are a start-up, Central Bank, or a Government who need professional advice and help to go towards a cashless society or want to be involved in our plans, send us an email, and let see what we can contribute with. .

We have from 1998 conducted detailed studies, Africa, the Middle East, India, and Asia.

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ViA Card in short...

The ViA Card and the ViA Model has been spearheading new payment initiatives from as early as 1998 and recognized in 2005 as a base for a Digital Payment revulotion. The ViA Team and all its contributors have during these years made likely the most extensive Research ! Development across Middle East, the Africa region, the Asia region and during 2017-2020 prepared a larger introduction into the India market.

The ViA Model stand for; new thinking, a business and financial model innovation, serving the vast majority of consumers in the world, with focus on unbanked underserved consumers and solving the problem of making safe digital payments, on the spot even at a street vendors location, without the need for a mobile phone network connectivity or internet. A purchase transaction takes less than one (1) second.

The ViA Team of global doers with unique industry background are now gearing up to bring the ViA concept out to the global market.

This is the official web portal for our charity projects which was started already back in 2008 by or founder Lars Olof Kanngard with it's first project Bodhgaya in India. The program is planned to restart 2022.

Please visit and help us to bring more education to the unprivilaged children in the world. Our vision is to build 50 schools within the next 10 years.

In the future when we start once more ViA Care, You donate to ViA's Care program $100 and $100 will be recived by the project.

ViA School

ViA Logo 3D

ViA Card's Education and demonstrations videos:

The ViA Card mascot become back in 2008 the brand-mascot for ViAcard and got the name ‘ViAns’, here you can look at some of the animations, demonstrating different usage cases and much ore.


ViA - a brand for the people. ViA Card - a card for the a better way!