• ViA Logo Background

    The history to the name and the use of "via", came-out of the idea to operate Dubai as a eHUB between east and West, whereas the name naturaly become "VIA DUBAI", you can here see the first graphical image of "VIA DUBAI".

    When the shape of ViA as a Business Model Innovation started to take shape, we where adviced to not use "Dubai" in our name, instead form a name explaining what we offer and what we do"

  • The ViA Logo

    This is the oficial registered ViA Logo.

    The ViA Logo came to be designed by the founder of the ViA Group; Lars Olof Kanngard as a result of giving a graphical description of what the company actually is doing.

    The basic concept around the ViA Model is based on making transactions more secure. One of the first security innovations was the STS-Secure Transaction String, which makes data trasfered more secure. So the way it works as what ViA does and thats why the ViA logo came to be designed like this:

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  • What you see is what we do

    e, so that means we do bring information in to ViA, which is symbolized by the first letter, the "V" which in the image are an arrow in to the company. Our Registered trademark ViA logo, which has been protected in many countries around the world as a registered trademark.

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