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About ViA

 ViA is the first global card brand made for global consumers – in a better way!

ViA is the name of a disruptive business model innovation and ViA Card is the name of the chip based PREPAID CASH Card which now will become available in Thailand and other countries around the world.

As a ViA Card member you will have many benefits and many new services which never has been available before, on one single card. As a ViA Card member, you now have someone who is looking after your interest as a consumer and where you as the consumers will get values back, because you are a valuable consumer. You can read more about all details of ViA Returns by just click on the symbol here on the right side or just click her.

ViA stands for the abbreviation of Via instant Access, which should be understood as, what ever you do, as transactions and you do it trough (via) you will make the settlement Instantly and by using Mobile phone network (GPRS) as well as Internet, you always have access to ViA.

ViA as a concept and model was named and created already 2004/2005. The concept of micro-transactions however and instant clearing and settlements has its roots from development work started already 1995 in the US together with Albert Weintraub and his e-lysium team.

The core ViA team has been spearheaded the IT, the telecommunication and the mobile phone as well as the value added service industry for more than 30 years, as one team. The very unique ViA model  has for many years being developed in such way that you as the consumer will be able to keep your money and your cash in a fully safe way, in an account from where you should be able to use your money at any time.

ViA Card (Thailand) Co Ltd will now expand its large network of top-up terminals, known as ePAY and change the old terminals to a new, multi-function and multi-service eBM Terminal, where you can do so much more, at the spot at your ViA Merchant or together with your ViA Agent.

Besides normal industry standard for security, used by banks and card brands, ViA has developed its own patented solutions STS and SCT to ensure that all financial transactions has ultimate security level down to micro transactions, beyond what others are using.

One of the large benefits with a ViA Card and using a ViA eBM Terminal is that you can spend any amount, from one “satang” and up to the amount you have in your account.

Many people has asked and is asking if the ViA model has competitors, actually it has not, it only have some imitators who has tried to develop part of what the ViA model stand for and is.

a better way….